H.A.P.P.Y. Scheme:

Thank you for conducting the lecture Beyond 5-a-day: Does your diet lead to disease? on 23/10/13 at Education North, Manchester Royal Infirmary for a group of medical students ranging from Foundation Year (Year 0) to Final Year (Year 5).

The students were well engaged throughout the lecture and constantly encouraged to participate. The new ideas you presented about a plant-based diet while challenging the 5-a-day model as the accepted optimum diet was thought-provoking and sparked debate and discussion among the students. The use of various scientific studies to support your ideas and references to other professionals who shared your ideas shows that you were a knowledgeable source of information on the matter. Your passion for the topic was evident and it was useful to hear about your personal experiences to illustrate that your suggestions are practical. The feedback we collected showed that the lecture was well received and enjoyed by all attendees.

Thank you for giving H.A.P.P.Y. Scheme’s inaugural lecture and setting a high benchmark for our future events.

Kind regards,

Simran Mahtani (Treasurer), c/o Rachael Fleming (Chairperson).


The Healthy and Proactive Project for Youth (H.A.P.P.Y.) Scheme is a student-led public health initiative aimed at combating childhood obesity and promotong a healthy and happy lifestyle for school-going and nursery children and their parents in the Greater Manchester area.