Brownies a la Mode

To celebrate my seven-year blogging anniversary I am revisiting some of my early posts, and reflecting on how the world has changed in that time. This post (below) was written for my first ever blog, EllenCooksMillennium, on the 6th of September 2011. My plan was to cook everything in the […]

Pink Milk

aka strawberry and banana smoothie! Thanks to Charlie and Lola for the inspiration for this one 🙂 This is a great breakfast-on-the-run smoothie: quick to prepare and quick to consume!   Serves 2 Contains: nuts, soya Preparation time: 5 minutes Equipment: blender [N.B. if you don’t own a high-powered blender […]

Strawberry-Banana Smoothie

Haggis 3

Note to Self: Vegan Haggis

Today we have eaten leftover vegan haggis for breakfast, lunch and dinner in our house. It’s the day after Burns Night, and I am officially done with haggis for another year. As I’m not going to be making haggis again for some time, I thought I would just make a […]

Almond Milk

Almond Nut Milk

I have avoided making this for years, thinking it was really scary and difficult, but now that I’ve finally tried it, I have no idea why I was so bothered. It’s the easiest thing in the world, it tastes delicious (admittedly slightly nutty), and it even looks like “the real […]

Chocolate Spiders

Just for fun… These are basically chocolate crispies: 50g puffed rice mixed with 150g melted dairy-free dark chocolate (makes 15 spiders). I added 200ml soya milk and 40 ml agave nectar (1 cup in total) to the chocolate while melting, which gives a softer, more ganache-like finish. It sets less […]

Chocolate Spiders

Pumpkin Pie

It has taken me several attempts (and a lot of pie-eating) over the last couple of weeks to feel confident with this recipe. I hope I’m not too late posting it today (the day before Halloween) – but if you’re still not sure what to do with all that pumpkin […]