Monthly Archives: February 2014

Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition: Day 1

Well I have successfully completed the first day of my six week eCornell course in Plant-Based Nutrition, including the continuing medical education (CME) pre-test and lecture number 1. I have posted my first comment on the discussion boards and am waiting eagerly for replies! There are about 30 students in each […]

Raw Challenge – Day 3

I’ve had a generally good day today, feeling fine on day three of eating more or less only raw fruits, vegetables and sprouted seeds and legumes. I must confess to eating three non-raw things today: a few cubes of marinated tofu, a bit of houmous to dip my carrot sticks […]

Chocolate Milkshake

Raw Challenge – Day 2

Another day, another list. I have been browsing a website called 30 Bananas a Day. This is about the number of bananas an average person would need to eat to meet their daily calorie requirement, if they only ate bananas. I am particularly interested in the testimonials page, where individuals […]

Raw Challenge – Day 1

Today I have consumed (including one green juice and one raw soup): 1 bowl of carrot sticks 5 leaves of curly kale 4 dried figs 4 slices of cantaloupe melon 3 cloves of garlic 3 cups of herbal tea 3 oranges 2 apples 2 sticks of celery 2 salad tomatoes […]