Serious Science

Hello and welcome to the Kids Eat Plants Journal Club. This section is intended mainly for students and professionals in the fields of science, nutrition and healthcare, as it does contain some technical language, but anyone should feel free to read and comment. I will try to stick to plain English as much as possible, but if you are not sure about something please do ask and I will make sure your questions are answered.

Journal clubs are a regular part of the continuing professional development of doctors, and most teams will meet about once a month to discuss a recent peer-reviewed study or review of relevance to their particular specialty. This forms part of evidence-based practice, but is also an opportunity for participants to learn about the general principles of critical appraisal: reading a scientific paper with particular reference to the methodology used and how it affects the validity and clinical relevance of the results.

If you would like to use any of the material here for an actual journal club out in the real world, that would be fine. I only ask that you let me know who you are and the nature of your team, and feed back to Kids Eat Plants any discussions you have or conclusions you reach. If you would like to write a guest post for the blog, or contribute an original article and discussion to the Journal Club section, please also get in touch. Thank you.



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