Raw Vegan Lunchbox 2

Raw Vegan Lunchbox

A little antidote to the impending Christmas junk food…     Here’s what’s in one lunchbox: One small organic apple (100g) Two small organic bananas (150g peeled weight) Two clementines (120g peeled weight) Organic carrot sticks (50g) Cucumber slices, peeled (75g) Baby plum tomatoes, halved (100g) Three dried figs (50g) […]

20 Bananas a Day While Pregnant, Raw Vegan Children and Child Abuse 1

I am not a reader of the Daily Mail, but yet again one of its headlines has caught my attention: “Woman who ate 20 bananas a day while pregnant hits back at critics and says her baby boy is ‘thriving’ at three months”. This story relates to Australian mother Loni […]

Chocolate Milkshake

Raw Challenge – Day 3

I’ve had a generally good day today, feeling fine on day three of eating more or less only raw fruits, vegetables and sprouted seeds and legumes. I must confess to eating three non-raw things today: a few cubes of marinated tofu, a bit of houmous to dip my carrot sticks […]

Raw Challenge – Day 2

Another day, another list. I have been browsing a website called 30 Bananas a Day. This is about the number of bananas an average person would need to eat to meet their daily calorie requirement, if they only ate bananas. I am particularly interested in the testimonials page, where individuals […]

Raw Challenge – Day 1

Today I have consumed (including one green juice and one raw soup): 1 bowl of carrot sticks 5 leaves of curly kale 4 dried figs 4 slices of cantaloupe melon 3 cloves of garlic 3 cups of herbal tea 3 oranges 2 apples 2 sticks of celery 2 salad tomatoes […]