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20 Bananas a Day While Pregnant, Raw Vegan Children and Child Abuse 1

I am not a reader of the Daily Mail, but yet again one of its headlines has caught my attention: “Woman who ate 20 bananas a day while pregnant hits back at critics and says her baby boy is ‘thriving’ at three months”. This story relates to Australian mother Loni […]

School Milk

Yesterday the papers were full of the news that Michael Gove has announced the return of school milk for all pupils. Semi-skimmed milk must be available to all primary and secondary pupils at some point during the school day (although not necessarily for free), while fruit juice consumption will be […]

VegFest Brighton

Last weekend was VegFest Brighton, and I was there to eat, shop, and facilitate a workshop on feeding children a healthy plant-based diet.     My partner and I decided this was as good an excuse as any for a long weekend by the seaside, and booked into the friendly […]

VegFest Brighton Programme 2014

Update: Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease with a Mediterranean Diet

One of my classmates on the eCornell Certificate Programme (Plant-Based Nutrition) runs the excellent blog Simplify Your Health, and has recently written an interesting post about the health benefits of nuts. One of the references she used to support her argument was a media report on the PREDIMED study I […]

Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition: Day 1

Well I have successfully completed the first day of my six week eCornell course in Plant-Based Nutrition, including the continuing medical education (CME) pre-test and lecture number 1. I have posted my first comment on the discussion boards and am waiting eagerly for replies! There are about 30 students in each […]