Brownies a la Mode

To celebrate my seven-year blogging anniversary I am revisiting some of my early posts, and reflecting on how the world has changed in that time. This post (below) was written for my first ever blog, EllenCooksMillennium, on the 6th of September 2011. My plan was to cook everything in the two cookbooks from the Millennium restaurant in San Francisco: the first, and possibly still the most fabulous, 100% vegan restaurant I have ever been to…

When I first became vegan it was terribly important to me that I could still eat cake. In fact, I might go so far as to say that it was the discovery of vegan cake – and by this I mean really, really good vegan cake – that finally turned plant-based from a nice idea into a do-able reality for me.

I made these brownies about four months before I decided to finally commit to the plant-based lifestyle for good. And they really were as fabulous as they look.

I don’t eat cake so often any more, although I do still eat it on occasions, and while I’m not going to pretend these brownies score too highly in the health stakes (though if you are going to eat cake these are a pretty good option), there is something about knowing that I could eat them that helps to keep me on the straight and dietary narrow. I don’t know – maybe it sounds a bit odd – but I can say to myself you know what, today I am choosing not to eat brownies, but I retain the right to make a different choice tomorrow. It’s not self-denial and endless, painful austerity then… it’s an active, flexible, powerful choice that I am in control of.



Brownies a la Mode – EllenCooksMillennium, 6th September 2011

“Oh yes… I have seen the light!”

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