Pink Milk

aka strawberry and banana smoothie! Thanks to Charlie and Lola for the inspiration for this one 🙂

This is a great breakfast-on-the-run smoothie: quick to prepare and quick to consume!


Serves 2

Contains: nuts, soya

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Equipment: blender

[N.B. if you don’t own a high-powered blender it would be preferable to soak the almonds in advance, ideally overnight]

Cost per serving: 72p (Tesco prices)

Calories per serving: 314kcal

Cost per 100 calories: 22.9p






2 medium bananas (appx. 200g)

200g strawberries – washed and topped

4 almonds

4 dates – pitted

200ml soya milk or other non-dairy milk (choose one with no added salt, sugar or oil)



Blend and serve


Strawberry-Banana Smoothie

Strawberry-Banana Smoothie



Carbohydrates – 82% of total calories (66g, of which 59g in the form of sugar)

Fat – 10% of total calories

Protein – 8% of total calories


N.B. Smoothies have received some negative press recently (see here and here), due to their high sugar content. If you prefer not to blend, you can just eat the ingredients, which is even simpler. The sugar content will be the same, but it will be released into the bloodstream a bit slower, reducing the insulin spike that occurs in response. 


I have two comments on this issue. The first is that refined white sugar is not the same as the sugar found in whole plant foods. Refined white sugar is devoid of all nutrients and fiber, and should be avoided, while the sugar in whole plant foods comes as part of a complete nutritional package that we as human beings are designed to eat. The second is a more pragmatic issue: while I do agree that eating the whole fruit is preferable to drinking a smoothie, if a quick breakfast is required and the alternative is a bowl of cornflakes, then I would choose the smoothie every time. Also sometimes children simply will not eat certain foods whole (certainly in any quantity), and smoothies can be a great way of making sure they get important nutrients and calories.


[Please note that nutritional values are approximate and derived from the MyFitnessPal App for iPhone]


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