Carrot and Orange Juice

This recipe has to have the simplest ingredients list of all time, but the method is worth a few words…



4 oranges – peeled

8 carrots – peeled

250ml water


(Oh, and you could add a bit of fresh ginger, if you like)






This is the I own a blender but haven’t got space in my kitchen for a juicer as well method. It was told to me by Kate Magic of raw food fame, and it does work really well, although it is probably only for making smallish quantities at any one time, and you do have to get your hands in there and use some elbow-grease. It’s great fun for the kids too!





The one piece of kit you do need for this is called a nut-milk bag (so-called because they are intended for making nut-milk) – a fine mesh bag that costs around £7. A powerful blender is helpful here too, but if you don’t own a Vita-mix don’t despair. You may just need to chop your fruit and vegetables into smaller pieces before blending, and it may be slightly less efficient at separating the nutrient-rich juice from the pulp.


Pour into the bag...

Pour into bag


Once your ingredients are thoroughly blended, place your nut-milk bag into a large bowl or jug, and pour the juice in. Draw up the strings of the bag and hang the bag from a suitable hook with the bowl/jug below it. You can walk away for a bit at this point and allow as much as possible of the juice to drain through under the influence of gravity, but at some point you are going to have to roll your sleeves up and give it a good squeeze. Hold the bag closed at the top with one hand and use the other to squeeze in a generally downward direction. Don’t wear your best frock for this. Discard the pulp, rinse the bag and blender immediately, then serve. It’s really nice.


Leave it to drain

Leave to drain





Done. Delicious!

Drink. Delicious!


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